Panino Giusto Cupertino: First US Location

This Milan-based restaurant has stores in London, Tokyo, & Hong Kong.

…and Cupertino gets their first location in the US!


located inside Main Street Cupertino


cute lights


look at all that cured meat!


They also have a variety of cheeses. My fave was the 27 month aged Parmigiano Reggiano.


My fave from these is the schiacciata calabra because I like a little heat in my cured meats.


Got to try two Michelin-starred Paninis created by Claudio Sadler**

**Milano 2015: 26 months Parma ham, romaine, artichoke cream, parmigiano reggiano cream, balsamic vinegar flakes, arugula, black pepper

**Madras: Roast turkey breast, baby spinach, tomato, toasted almonds, black rice, Madras curry mayonnaise

Giusto: Prosciutto cotto, Mozzarella, anchovy, tomato, mustard sauce


Hey @willbakeforshoes, can you hold my paninis for a photo? #NoShame @panino_giusto’s very first US location is in Cupertino! #BayAreaEats

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They will be coming soon to San Francisco & Los Angeles as well!


Panino Giusto

19469 Stevens Creek Blvd

Cupertino, CA 95014

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