October LA Part I, Day 1: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse & Szechuan Impression

It’s been a couple months since my last visit H O M E.

Yes, I still call LA my home even though I’ve been living in the Bay Area for about two years now.

First stop:





San Francisco-based Mr. Holmes Bakehouse just opened up a location in LA, Highland Park to be exact. They have a location in Seoul as well!

Went for a media preview & got their DONUTS, of course! [Thanks, @dailyfoodfeed for the invite.]

I definitely recommend the donuts, but depends on the filling. I usually like the cream-filled ones.

They did not have Cruffins for the preview but that is what they are known for, so you should try them at least once. It’s similar to the Cronut in texture and taste, but shaped like a muffin.


Afterwards, I was STARVING. I love donuts and all, but I needed something more substantial.

So I decided to go to Szechuan Impression.

I have been wanting to try this place for the longest time.


 Impressive Cold Noodle.

It was impressive, indeed. Good texture on these noodles as well as the spicy flavor.


 Lamb on Toothpicks.

I love cumin lamb and their version was flavorful. The meat was really soft.


Sautéed Spicy Crab

I try not to get crab too much because I don’t like cracking them. I wish the meat was already taken out of their shells but oh well. They left the best part intact, which is the crab eggs + the tomalley. I hate it when they take that out! The dish was #SPICYBUTNOTSPICY for me but I loved the numbing spice.

I was pleasantly surprised. I would go back to try other items on their menu.


Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

111 S Ave 59

Los Angeles, CA 90042

Szechuan Impression

1900 Valley Blvd.

Alhambra, CA 91803

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