Onsen SF: R&R in the Tenderloin

This weekend, I had the chance to visit Onsen, which will soon be opening to the public on 11/11.

It is a holistic spa/tea room/restaurant/treatment room all rolled into one.


A hidden gem in the TL


This hallway contains 6 treatment rooms for massage/acupuncture.

It leads into the communal bath area.


Communal bath


Entrance to the redwood cedar dry sauna [with a view of the communal tub]


Overhead cold plunge to cool off after the dry sauna


The steam room

Check out their gallery for more photos.

In the front of the space, there is a restaurant with tea service.


Fresh plant-driven menu that is heavily Asian-inspired.

Pickled vegetables, kakuni lamb, halibut sashimi, jook.


Finish the meal off with some tea. They also have cocktails and lemon kombucha.



466 Eddy Street

San Francisco, CA 94109

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